Bristol to Beverly Hills

Just four years ago, Keri Andriana was sat at her desk in her Bristol hometown, crafting handbags by hand. Fast forward to 2021 and her designs have now reached American shores with the Amschela’s 1st USA stockist. It’s surreal to think that at this moment, sitting proudly on the shelves of the Urbnique store in the Beverly Centre, Los Angeles, are the Tamiq, Shiloh and the Thais Vegan collection. Breaking through into the American market is a dream come true and so the date of our launch – 4th July – will forever have significance to us, especially as it’s shared with our CEO’s birthday.

Despite the pandemic preventing us from celebrating in-store just yet, we were all able to live the launch vicariously through the eyes and lens of our LA-based brand ambassador and TV presenter, Helen Shephard. Going live across all of our social channels with images and videos from the Urbnique store, the surprise launch went off with a BANG that was echoed by the American Independence Day fireworks. We are humbled by the response we have received from our loyal UK Amschela community and our new community in the USA.

In case you missed the launch.. 

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More than retail 

To be chosen by Urbnique as an emerging international designer for their LA store and showroom is an honour, as they exclusively advocate brands that are authentic and have potential for growth. Whilst their origins lie in the K-Beauty phenomenon that has swept across the world, they now represent a pool of international designers, including Blanc Pool, Grandidier, Lanbelle, Jei Lim, JRYU, Semicode, and now Amschela. One of the things that attracted us to Urbnique is their imaginative vision of fashion retail, whereby they utilise their space to host a range of artistic events, including beauty shows, exhibitions and live music. As owners of one of the largest fashion showrooms in the LA area, Urbnique will propel Amschela far beyond their store shelves and place us on a platform with an audience that includes the most prestigious members and influencers of the fashion world.  

Visit URBNIQUE at The Beverly Center⁠ 

Beverly Center


The Amschela Dream

When people think of America’s pop culture and shopping society, Beverly Hills usually comes to mind. Associated with fairytales inspired by Hollywood and the promise of a life filled with success, Beverly Hills is defined as a fantasy location for dreamers and designers. For Amschela, this fantasy has now become a reality, since the Urbnique store is located in the world-renowned Beverly Center – a high-end mall situated on Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles. Only a short five-minute journey from the legendary Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Center is home to a myriad of esteemed high-end designers, including Balenciaga, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and America’s most famous department store, Macys. On the map, you can find the Urbnique store just two stores away from Louis Vuitton: 


Level 6, near Grand Court 
Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles  
CA 90048 (310) 854-0070 


Store List:⁠ 
Beverly Center


American Amschela Women

A Growing Community

As we venture overseas, we are excited to expand our community of Amschela women and develop our brand culture so that it embraces the USA lifestyle. While always retaining our proud British heritage and Bristol roots, we will strive to make a lasting impression on America – one that continues to inspire women to be confident, empowered and kind.  

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