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Amschela x Onyx Influence Coaching

We are excited to announce our collaboration with upcoming online fashion design hub Onyx Influence Coaching, a new provision scheduled for Spring 2024 whose aim is to make fashion industry more accessible to the new entreprenuer with their online model.

To mark the collaboration Amschela CEO/Founder Keri Andriana has curated ‘Style & Strategy: A Fashion CEO’s Journal Planner, available now in 3 formats (Printable Download; Paperback & Kindle).

This tailor-made journal planner, “Style & Strategy: A Fashion CEO’s Journal,” is designed to empower aspiring fashion CEOs in crafting and executing their vision with style and strategic precision. A comprehensive journal planner providing a holistic approach to fashion entrepreneurship, combining strategic business planning with personal reflection and self-care.

“Social Mobility and helping others is part of our brand ethos, so we were delighted to support Onyx with the curation of the planner.” Keri Andriana – Chief Executive Officer, Amschela

The journal planners content include Fashion Tips and Upcoming Trends 2024/2025 plus dedicated sections for:

  • Goal Setting
  • Monthly Planning Calendar
  • Weekly Planner
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Mastery
  • Product Development
  • Networking & Collaborations
  • Self Care & Reflection
  • Progress Tracker

You can purchase Style & Strategy in the various formats from the links below:

  1. Style & Strategy – Paperback
  2. Style & Strategy – Kindle
  3. Style & Strategy – Printable Download

You can support Onyx Influence Coaching on Instagram @onyxinfluencecoaching

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