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New Brand Logo and Restructuring News!!!

WWe are excited to announce that as part of our new growth strategy, we are RESTRUCTURING the brand in order to grow it in the right direction. This an exciting time for us and for you, our consumers.

As part of that growth we would like to unveil a striking new brand logo (Registered Trademark) as a pivotal element of our NEW FUTURE. This innovative logo seamlessly merges the old singular emblem into four interconnected symbols, each infused with profound meaning.


The spearhead within the logo symbolises Amschela’s commitment to growth, capturing the brand’s aspiration to continually advance and expand within the fashion industry. It represents a forward-looking approach, reflecting the dynamic changes that we will be implementing during the restructuring to drive progress.

The curve in the logo embodies principles of circularity and sustainability, showcasing Amschela’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices. This element signifies a commitment to reducing the ecological footprint and highlights the brand’s strides towards fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly future within the fashion landscape.

Incorporating a laddered rope, the logo conveys Amschela’s commitment to social mobility. This symbol reflects the brand’s support for young individuals in the community, emphasising the importance of providing opportunities and pathways for growth within the fashion industry.

The coin embedded in the logo signifies Amschela’s dedication to affordability, emphasising the brand’s commitment to making fashion accessible without compromising quality. This element aligns with the brand’s ethos of inclusivity and ensuring that high-quality, stylish handbags remain within reach for a diverse audience.

We anticipate that the restructuring process will be complete in AUTUMN 2024 and we will be keeping you updated on progress with insights but with a limited business model whilst we incorporate the growth steps.

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