Five Styling Tips To Get The AmschelaGenic Look

You’ve been getting to know our fictional CEO, Amschela De’ Earle, on her social media account @amschelasdiary and it’s fair to say her style is nothing short of iconic. What she wears is always an expression of her personality as well as that of the brand. Included below are five styling tips to help our community of women create a look that is distinctly AmschelaGenic…

Tip 1: Slouchy Silhouettes

For too long, we’ve adhered to the misconception that a trade-off exists between comfortable and chic. No more! Amschela rarely leaves the house without a boxy blazer, oversized for a more relaxed silhouette, and she pairs this with some loosely tailored trousers. Dressing for professionalism need not be drab, it can also be playful and creative. 

Tip 2: Colour Blocking

Amschela tends to keep it simple with solid colours. She’s definitely not afraid to take risks and bounce one shade off another in unconventional ways, from monochrome variations to bolder hues such as sanguine purple or accession orange. Her colour combinations are more understated than garish, channelling an air of confidence and optimism.

Tip 3: Minimalist Jewellery

Amschela constructs her looks around her bags; she wants to ensure that her designs are the focal point of any outfit. For this reason, she tends to avoid going OTT with chain layering and instead takes a more minimalist approach to jewellery styling. Her neck and wrists are unadorned, however she does opt for a chunky pair of luxe gold hoops. 

Tip 4: Power Accessories

Power accessories pack a punch, adding impact to Amschela’s workwear wardrobe. Her vintage-inspired sunglasses are made from plant-based acetate and function as a modern twist on the classic cat eye. Meanwhile, her pointed stiletto heels provide the perfect accent to her classic yet contemporary look. 

Tip 5: The Perfect Bag 

Amschela is wearing one of her favourite designs, the Thais Vegan Croc Mini. It’s the brand’s first vegan collection and it’s 100% PETA approved, in line with her own ethical values and the wider shift towards sustainability taking place in the fashion industry. The Emerald Iris colourway perfectly encapsulates the minimalist yet expressive beauty of the Amschela Woman. 

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