Behind The Scenes

In Your Bag: Unpacked

About In Your Bag

By now you will have seen our new social media series, In Your Bag. Aside from being visually gorgeous, this feature is about much more than an Instagram aesthetic. It’s about supporting independent businesses, creating a lifestyle guide for our community of Amschela Women and building out the personality behind each of our beautiful bags. With this in mind, we wanted to give you an insight into how we create these flat-lay shots and the inspiration behind this series.

Our Inspiration

Think back to our first ever collection, the “Character Within”. This reflects the idea that each Amschela bag is designed to reflect and enhance the personality of the individual wearing it. In Your Bag explores a similar concept, reminding us that you can tell a lot about a person from the contents of their bag. These shots function as understated yet intimate portraits of the everyday lifestyles, habits and thoughts of the Amschela Woman.

The “Girls Night Out” Edition

How We Collaborate 

We wanted to use this feature as an opportunity to collaborate with small and independent businesses. We used our social channels to connect with other brands and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Among those that applied, we selected products from businesses that aligned with aspects of our identity and that shared our values, from eco-friendly scrunchies to handmade jewellery to organic make-up.

Our Process

Our Photography Manager, Alex, starts by choosing which bag to feature and then looks through the gifted products to see what will work well in terms of colour, size, spacing and theme. She selects a backdrop, and then arranges the products so that they appear as though they are spilling out of the bag. Commenting on the process, Alex says: “Once I find a layout I like, I do a few test shots which I then quickly edit on the computer to see if I like how it’s looking. If I’m happy with it, I’ll do the final shots, ensuring all the items are clearly seen and presented, take those into the computer, edit them up and then I’m done!”

The “Relax & Unwind” Edition

In Your Bag is posted across our social media channels every Friday. For more info please contact or dm us on Instagram.