How to Dress Ethically in 2023 | Part 2

We’re back with part two of our series, bringing you 3 more ethical fashion rules to live by.

4. Recycle & Reduce Plastic Waste

You know the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. Now, apply it to the way you shop for fashion. If it’s not in shape for resale or donation, recycle your textiles with your home recycling service. While it’s hard to cut out all plastic, you can minimise plastic waste by ditching the plastic bag for a cotton tote and buying from brands that wrap their products sustainably. Our handbags come wrapped in 100% plastic-free packaging and the boxes are even biodegradable.

5. Go Vegan & Cruelty-free

Is the future vegan? We believe so, and there’s plenty of evidence to support it. Many designers like Vivienne Westwood have released vegan collections or like us, have become a vegan brand. Plus, a record of 629,000 people worldwide signed up to complete the Veganuary challenge this year. Embracing a vegan lifestyle can reduce your carbon footprint by 73%, not to mention that it saves the lives of thousands of animals and prevents animal cruelty. Keep an eye out for certified-labels like ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ and the prestigious ‘Vegan Choice Award’ which Amschela wears with pride.

6. Goodbye, Fast-fashion. Hello, Luxury

Hundreds of tons of clothing being sorted out in an abandoned factory in Cambodia for a social mission called Clothing the Loop.

In the last decade, the rise of fast-fashion has proven environmentally disastrous and ethically hazardous. Excessive-consumerism has been exploited for its monumental contribution to climate change and landfill waste, as well as the unethical employment practices and inhumane working conditions that it usually facilitates. ‘Long hours’ and ‘underpaid staff’ are headlines that we hear far too often. Thankfully, society’s mindset is changing towards quality over quantity, aka, buy less but better. From now on, think of your fashion purchases as an investment. Questions that will help you make ethical shopping decisions are: Will I still wear this in 6 months? Is this versatile? Will it last for years? Investing in versatile and seasonless accessories, like our vegan handbags, is a great way of adapting your outfits for different occasions and amping up the glamour.

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Styled by Brand Ambassador, Deb Flake

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