Protecting The Planet And Your Handbag

INTRODUCING: Our New Sustainable Packaging

As promised, we have released our eco-friendly packaging that marks the beginning of a new Amschela era. In an active effort to take responsibility and become a net-zero emission brand, we have designed new packaging which exudes luxury and individuality without negative repercussions on our planet.  

Photography by Emily Carter

Through a detailed breakdown, we are disclosing with complete transparency the materials used to make the perfect Amschela parcel. The sustainable packaging also launches our new official brand colour: Epicene Lilac

Lilac is The New Black 

Amschela’s identity has always been infused with notes of Epicene Lilac, but now the colour immerses the brand and has become a symbol of our essence. Previously, our logo was monochromatic and stood uniformly within a myriad of luxury fashion brands. However, now it stands out against the grain with unapologetic confidence, proving that we won’t settle for ordinary.  

The colour was chosen for its understated elegance that symbolises… 

Serenity & Compassion 

Inspires & Uplifts 

Is subtle, yet fearless & confident 

Amschela Unwrapped 

Photography by Emily Carter

We understand that terms like ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ have become so commonplace that their meaning is often unclear. To give you some confidence in our use of the terms, here are the facts about our new boxes and their positive life cycle: 

Made from a minimum of 90% recycled material.  

The paper used to make the boxes is FSC-Certified, meaning it’s derived from wood sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills. 

If you no longer wish to keep your packaging, you can dispose of it responsibly and guilt-free as it’s 100% recyclable. The materials are also biodegradable and compostable, meaning over time they will break down and leave only natural elements (no toxins) in the environment.  

Our boxes are part of the Clean Air Policy, meaning that toxins and pollutants are removed from the air during the manufacturing process.  

The Ultimate Unboxing  

We’ve fashioned an unboxing experience that is luxurious and thoughtful from start to finish. After paying attention to every detail, you can trust that our packaging is 100% eco-friendly. Inside your box, your Amschela bag will come with a dust bag made from 100% natural cotton, accompanied by Thank You cards and tags made from 300gsm recycled board derived from FSC-Certified paper.  

Photography by Emily Carter

Created with our Amschela community in mind, the sustainable and natural materials used to make our packaging are reflected in the aesthetic design. Through a floral visage, the theme takes shape in natural and lilac hues, complete with Amschela tissue that encases your bag. Abandoning traditional plain packaging, we’ve gone beyond and stepped into the fantasy realm to enhance your purchase and make a very special gift. 

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