On a Mission to 0 Emmissions

Ethics Before Economics

As CO2 emissions continue to exceed record levels, the Earth’s temperature – and consequently sea levels – are continuing to rise at an alarming rate that is jeopardising the future of our planet. Yet amongst this dismal tide of facts, there remains the truth that we can still do something and beat the clock if we act now in a collaborative effort to reverse climate change.  

The fashion industry accounts for roughly 10% of our greenhouse emissions, and fast fashion has only exasperated the problem. However, fashion can be sustainable; we just have to start putting the planet and people before profit. As a luxury fashion brand who are members of the British Fashion Council, we are taking action out of compassion and a sense of responsibility to create a vegan and sustainable business model that will help cement a brighter future. 

Sustainability Pledge

Beginning our mission, we enrolled on the SME Climate Hub Commitment – an operation that supports a global community of forward-thinking businesses seeking to become future-proof. The SME Climate Hub Commitment claims the official United Nations’ ‘Race to Zero’ campaign, meaning that Amschela is part of a global effort towards humanity halving greenhouse emissions before 2030 and going carbon neutral before 2050. As a result of our pledge, we have been able to strategise and take immediate action. Our climate journey will be transparent as we disclose our progress annually, as well as sharing regular updates with you! 

Every Sale Counts

We have already begun to turn our promises into action by signing up for the Get Mads scheme. Get Mads was founded to protect the planet and people from the adverse effects of climate change by simple proactive means. Thanks to their initiative, every Amschela sale either plants 1x tree or rescues 1x plastic bottle from the ocean. After a month of being Earth Positive, we have already offset 1 tonne of carbon, planted 25 trees, and rescued 100 plastic bottles from the ocean.

The 2021 World Humanitarian Day campaign aimed to project the voices of climate-vulnerable people so that their needs are prioritised at the upcoming UN Climate Summit. Through Get Mads, we are now supporting 6 climate action projects with long-term positive social impacts. Last week we featured the Eden Reforestation Project on our socials and were proud to share their inspiring story. EDEN is helping to alleviate extreme poverty by employing thousands of people from local communities to plant trees, resulting in 20 million trees being planted every month. 

#StayTuned as we feature different projects every month. 

Making ‘Luxury’ Sustainable & Vegan

Amschela was founded on the ideology of making ‘luxury within reach’, meaning we create designer accessories that are attainable without unnecessary expense. But what does luxury even mean? And how can we ensure this ethos stems from a commitment to animal welfare and the environment? In the fashion world, luxury has been habitually associated with genuine leather. Generally speaking, luxury is defined by superior comfort and elegance. We now face the challenge of contributing to a new tradition that shifts the perception of luxury from genuine leather to vegan leather.  

After four years of trading with genuine leather products, we are now in the process of transitioning into a totally vegan and sustainable brand. As our products undergo a transformation, our packaging is also having a makeover. Coming soon, our new packaging will be made from sustainably sourced materials and will be the epitome of contemporary luxury. 

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sharing our beautiful new packaging with you.  

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